General Products are meant to be taken by those individuals who are either completing a pro-hormone or other type of anabolic treatment or those men over 35 who are experiencing a decline in natural testosterone levels with the natural aging process and liver diseases .


It is used as post cycle therapy support, helps to restore one's natural testosterone production and helps  to bring a better environment for overall health and also maintain muscle tissue.

Potency : 750 mg/capsule.
Appearance : White capsule
Packing : 120 capsules
Dosage : 750 mg - 1500 mg/day

Used in the treatment of cholestatic liver diseases, alcoholic fatty liver disease and non-alcoholic fatty liver.

Potency : 150 mg/tablet.
Appearance : White colour tablets.
Packing : 50 tablets.
Dosage : 150 mg - 300 mg/day.